Frame Tent Rentals

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Whatever Your Party Size, We’ve Got You Covered!

At Affordable Party Rentals, we supply frame tent rentals for party planners across Long Island, New York. If you are looking for tents for a party or event, we have the tents you need! Here are the options for the frame tent rentals. We supply these tents for customers throughout Long Island, New York.

  • 10 x 20′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 20 guests
  • 20 x 20′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 40 guests
  • 20 x 30′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 60 guests
  • 35 x 40′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 100 guests
  • 30 x 30′ or 30 x 45′ Frame tent

If you are interested in renting one of our frame tents, please contact us. When you reach out, we can go over the details of the tent rentals and let you know what we have available. We have years of experience renting out all sorts of tents. And will help guide you through the party or event planning process, which includes free site visits. All to ensure that you have the best party experience possible. We will come down to the spot you want to install the tent and go over the best options with you. With our new CAD program, we can offer you the best solution for your event.

We also have a great selection of accessories to go along with renting a tent, such as heaters for the colder months. These accessories can perfectly compliment the tent. And we can help you decide which accessories you may need. Read on to learn more about the features.

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Frame Tent Features

When you rent one of our frame tents, they can be set up anywhere there is room. Some common spots include decks, patios, grass, parking lots, driveways and the beach. But really anywhere we can fit the tent we can set it up. A frame tent, in general, have a roof-like structure and we build them with tent poles that hold it up. Oftentimes, frame tents are the go-to option for any long-term need for a tent due to their durability.

One of the best features of renting a frame tent is the open space and more square footage they provide users. There are no center poles when we install it, so nothing will get in your way once you are under the tent. And all of our frame tent rentals come with “sun block” technology that will keep everyone cool under the tent on those hot summer days. And all tents are engineered and will conform to all local codes.

Don’t worry about the wind, either, because these tents utilize the latest in tent technology and are able to withstand winds between 50 – 100 mph. When it comes to the High Peak Frame Tents, they have modules that you can configure in different ways. So it makes it easier to conform to any property.