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Affordable Party Tent Rentals on Long Island!

Affordable Party Rentals is proud to offer our excellent assortment of rental tent options. Our commitment to excellent customer support allows us to provide you with the highest quality party tent rentals. We are located in East Northport, but our Long Island tent rentals stretches across both Nassau County and Suffolk County in New York. Towns like Smithtown, Syosset, Woodbury and Huntington love using us for their party tent rentals!

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Quality Party Tent Rentals

Our tent rentals are perfect for numerous types of parties, gatherings or events on Long Island. Our tents come in various sizes, so they can be configured to your specific needs, property limitations, and desires. We also provide heaters and coolers, to ensure your guests are comfortable. Let us design the perfect tent for your upcoming party!

We will make certain you and your guests have a terrific time. Our professionally trained staff has years of event planning knowledge and experience ensuring your special day is memorable for years to come.

We have a variety of options when it comes to party tent rentals. You can choose from our variety of tents to ensure that you have a wonderful party that goes off without a hitch. Our professionally trained staff has years of party planning experience. We have an assortment of tents to choose from, including:

  • Frame Tents
  • Walkway Tents
  • Pop Up Tents
  • Pole Tents

Different events call for different venues of various sizes. We have different tent options available, because we want you to be able to choose the best tent for your event.

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Tent Rental Options

We added 3 – 35 x 40′ – Hexagonal Shaped High Peak Frame Tents with the Skylight Feature that can accommodate 80 -100 people each. This feature allows filtered light to enter the tent top. It is not clear, will not leak and will not add to the heat load on sunny days. This tent has the same 9′ legs that our other high peak tents have, so we are able to combine our other Hex 40’s, 20 x 30′, 20 x 20′ and 10 x 20′ tents to any and all sides!

Along with being able to join our 3 – Hex 40’s together, we have also added 3 Diamond-shaped tents and a Triangle shaped tent. The possibilities are endless with this assortment of tents. Let your imagination run wild!

*We just added a 20 x 30′ High Peak Frame tent with the “Skylight” feature. Now, we can now offer you the following sizes – 20 x 30′, 30 x 40′ and 30 x 60′!

high peak tent

Frame Tents

These tents can be set up anywhere as long as there is room. We can install them on decks, patios, grass, parking lots, driveways and the beach. Frame tents provide more “open” space, since there are no center poles to get in your way. All of our tops come with “Sun Block” technology to keep you cooler during those hot summer days. These are all “engineered” tents and conform to all local codes.

  • 10 x 20′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 20 guests
  • 20 x 20′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 40 guests
  • 20 x 30′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 60 guests
  • 35 x 40′ High Peak Tent – Suitable for up to 100 guests
  • 30 x 30′ or 30 x 45′ Frame tent

These are engineered tents that can withstand winds from 50 – 100 mph. They utilize the latest in tent technology.

Our High Peak Frame Tents have modules and can be configured in many ways. In an effort to make your party planning go smoothly, we offer free site visits. With our new CAD program, we can offer you the best solution for your event. We have years of experience renting out tents of all shapes and sizes. We can help guide you through this process to ensure you have the perfect tent rentals for your party. Learn more about frame tents and why their features make them a great option for any party or event.

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Other Tent Rental Options

When we say we are the best in party tent rentals, we mean it. And that also means we offer a great selection of tents. Here are some more rental options we have available.

6 x 10′ and 6 x 15′ Walkway Tents

Connect tent to tent or building to tent. These tents are an added convenience for possible rainy weather. They will keep everyone dry as they can walk safely from tent to tent. They are also great for protecting people from the sun.

Pop Up Tents

Small space? Not a problem! Our high peak 10 x 10′ tents are for areas where a normal tent won’t fit. Easy to put up and the sidewalls are included. A simple and convenient solution.

tent with accessories.

Tent Accessories

Why rent just a tent when you can make your party even more memorable. By renting some of our accessories below, you will be guaranteed a party that will be remembered for years.


Solid or clear. Designer Window Walls are available with our high peak tents.

Double Doors

If you need to add air conditioning or heat, we can now provide you with a Double Door entrance. These doors are 6′ wide and 7′ tall. Approved for use by the Fire Marshall, they allow for easy entrance and exit from the tent, while keeping the heat/cold where you want it. For compliance, if needed, we can also supply fire extinguishers and lighted EXIT signs. These doors are a better alternative to zippered openings and are perfect for formal events.

Tent Heaters

We now offer 100,000 and 170,000 btu tent heaters. They can be installed either inside or outside the tent, freeing up valuable space under the tent. With a remote thermostat, you and your guests will stay comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you. These heaters are approved for use in a tent, unlike patio heaters, keeping you and your guests safe.

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Party Tent Rentals Long Island

Affordable Party Rentals offers free consultations to help you plan your next party. Get the best party tent rentals on Long Island! We have years of experience in renting out quality tents for parties of types and sizes. We are headquartered in East Northport and offer affordable party tent rentals for many in Huntington, Smithtown, Syosset and Woodbury. We also service customers throughout Nassau and Suffolk County and hope to help you with any party needs you may have!

For more information about our party tent rentals, please contact us today. For a free consultation, contact us today. Tell us your party plans and we’ll tell you about our tent rentals! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your next party. Also, please be sure to check out our Facebook page. Give us a like while you’re there!

Party Tent Rentals Consultations

Affordable Party Rentals provides partygoers across Long Island with quality party tent rentals. To learn more about all that we can provide when it comes to your upcoming party, please reach out to us today. The number to call for a free consultation is 631-889-3924. Tell us all about your party plans and blab on all you want, because we love hearing the ideas people present to us. When you turn to us, you will get the best party tent rentals on Long Island! So please, do not hesitate to reach out!

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