Huntington Party Tent Rentals

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The #1 Choice for Tent Rentals in the Huntington Area!

Our affordable party tent rentals are available to private parties throughout Huntington, New York. If you are planning to host an outdoor celebration or party, it is worth considering the rental of a tent. Regardless of the size of the party. A nice tent not only gives you shelter from the elements, but it also provides the guest with a cool and comfortable space to relax. And shade if it is a particularly sunny day. And a tent’s function extends past the functionality of the tent. It can add a fun element to the party and help set the mood.

If you are interested in tent rentals for your next Huntington area party, then please give us a call.  When you call, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to go over what you need from us. We want to make your party or event extra special and offer a few great accessories to make sure it does.

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Benefits of a Party Tent Rental

When you rent a tent for your Huntington party, you get some nice added benefits. Here are four popular benefits you’ll get when you choose Affordable Party Rentals of Long Island for your tent rental.

Less Stress and Added Comfort

This has been mentioned already, but it bears repeating. You will experience added comfort when you choose a tent from us. Whether there is rain or if it is hot, you and your guests will have a comfortable spot to sit and relax.

And with that comes the added benefit of less stress. We have all hosted a party and had to keep an eye on the weather and stress over whether or not you’ll be able to have it. However, with a tent rental, that stress washes away. By renting a tent in advance, you will guarantee that the party can go on as planned. You won’t need to jam everyone inside, since the tent will protect everyone from the rain. So you can go ahead and make all the necessary arrangements without worrying about canceling anything!

Decorations and Lighting

Our party tent rentals for the Huntington area will add a touch of elegance and enhance the festive quality of the gathering. Perhaps you rented out an open field or having people in your backyard. When you add a tent to the mix people will get the sense that this party is fun! And you can add some great lighting and accessories to liven it up. Create a memorable moment for all who attend!


And last, but not least, is the fact that tents add some privacy to the party. Whether you have public space in a field or are just in your own backyard, it may be easy for others to peer in and see what is going on. However, a tent will help to create a smaller, more defined area for your guests to mingle. While also providing a semblance of a barrier between the party and the outside world. Which is great for more intimate affairs, like weddings.