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Long Island Tent Accessories for Rent

There are some great tent accessories to choose from when you go with Affordable Party Rentals. The sidewalls available at Affordable Party Rentals are available in solid or clear. Get designer window walls with the rental of our high peak tents. We have years of experience renting out tents to those on Long Island. Get in touch with us today to get a free consultation on the tents you want to rent and we can provide you with a fair and accurate estimate.

The sidewalls we rent are available in different heights to better help the entire tent and its installation. When installed, we need to be match the sidewalls to the height of the tent’s side poles. Other accessories for tent rentals include heaters and double doors.

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About Sidewalls

A sidewall is a design option for many tent rentals. Party canopies, heavy-duty pole tents, and most frame tents are equipped with sidewall ropes around the perimeter, as well as on the inside. On top of that, the sidewalls have clips along the top edge that are used to hang the sidewalls on the sidewall rope. When there is wind in the forecast, there is the ability to anchor the sidewalls of the tent on the bottom by using wall stakes. If staking is not possible, there are other methods that can work.

Track style frame tents and clear span structures use sidewalls that are designed to slide through tracks in the frame. What this does is make the sidewalls more secure and less likely to flap in windy conditions. Some tents even have sidewalls systems that use steel rods through a “pocket” built into the bottom of the sidewall in order to secure them along the bottom. This feature is especially useful when the tent needs to be sealed for heating or air conditioning.

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One big benefits of the track style sidewall system is that each sidewall is usually made in two sections that lace together in the center. These sections can be un-laced, which allows you to open the sidewalls by simply sliding one section to the right and on to the left, up against the side pole where it can be secured with a strap. What this does is allow the walls to be easily opened and closed as needed without having to remove them from the tent.

The use of a sidewall is great for a variety of reasons. Properly set up sidewalls provide effective protection from wind and rain. They are also used to enclose a tent when heat or air conditioning is being used.

clear sidewalls


Sidewalls are typically available in three different styles, which are solid white vinyl, clear vinyl, or window style walls. For the window style walls, they are typically found in two different styles, which are French and cathedral. French window walls usually feature square panes. Cathedral window walls will have an arched top.

The white sidewalls are used in situations where you do no need people to see in or out of the tent. White sidewalls are also used in situations where you need the tent to be darkened, like for a video presentation. Other common scenarios for white sidewalls are to enclose for catering, field kitchens, or for a privacy with a restroom trailer tent.

The most commonly used type of sidewall is the clear side wall. A clear sidewall allows for people to see into and out of the tent, which makes the tent feel more open and brighter. Perfect for events like weddings and birthdays. Or any event where privacy is not required. This type of tent makes every party or event feel more welcome and open.

A window sidewall is typically used as a decorative effect and can enhance the atmosphere of any party or event.